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All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.

KWA M93R GBB Full Auto & 3Rnd Burst Airsoft Raffica Replica

KWA M93R GBB Full Auto & Tri-Burst NS2 System
KWA M93R GBB Full Auto & Tri-Burst NS2 SystemKWA M93R GBB Full Auto & Tri-BurstKWA M93R GBB Full Auto & Tri-Burst
MSRP: $199.95
CombatSportSupply: $189.95
You Save: $10.00 (5 %)
Item Number: KWAM93R
Manufacturer: KWA
Manufacturer Part No: 101-00181

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KWA M93R GBB Full Auto & Tri-Burst with NS2 System ( Raffica )

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Semi-Auto as always, Full-auto just like the best of 'em. But where this beast shows it's true colors? Auto Tri-Burst fire that not only hits your mark with three times the pain, it's three times as likely to take him out than semi, and helluva lot more accurate when you compare it to full-auto. Combine the firing options with the truly unique aestetics that come with the faux wood handle siding, and a folding front grip makes this thing the gun for someone who wants something different. Feels great in the hand & cycles extremely fast.

The famous M93R is now upgraded with the latest KWA NS2 gas system. The NS2 internal gas delivery system is a KWA patented design that utilizes an advanced lightweight composite gas piston with a two-stage internal expansion chamber that delivers the gas more efficiently than that of its predecessors. The NS2 design also increases the weapon cycle rate and provides for a crisp, realistic blow back action. Other parts of the pistol has also been improved and updated along with a new magazine that is milled from a solid alloy billet. This new construction strengthens the magazine’s structural rigidity and increases pressure carrying capacity.


  • Slide Material = Metal Alloy
  • Frame Material = Composite Polymer
  • Outer Barrel = High Impact Polymer
  • Hop-Up = Adjustable
  • Action = Double with selective fire (semi- auto, three round burst)
  • Magazine Capacity = 32 rounds
  • Caliber = 6mm Airsoft BBs
  • Gas System = New Structure (NS2)
  • Velocity = 320+ fps with 0.20 gram BB's
  • Propellant = Green Gas
  • Dimensions = 10.00" X 7.00 "
  • Inner Barrel Length = 125mm

Special Features:

  • Functional decoking safety
  • Selective Fire (Semi-Auto, Three Round)
  • Integrated flip down front handle
  • Realistic construction and field stripping

Retail package include: Pistol(1), Hi-Cap Magazine (1), Silicone Oil (1), Hop-Up adjustment wrench(1), and Airsoft BBs (50)

Product Reviews

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best bang for your buck
Tae Alder (boise, ID) 1/7/2011 11:55 AM
This is the smoothest firing airsoft pistol I have ever used ,comes apart very easy for cleaning or maintenance,only thing is handle gets in the way somtimes not a big issue ,it is easily removed, tri burst mode packs a good welt one of the best airsoft pistols out there. totaly worth the money.. If your in the market for a good airsoft pistol,m93r is a sure fire winner : )
Italy + Japan = WIN
Redtail (Unknown) 1/17/2008 10:33 PM
Tired of fanboy-icon machine pistols like the used-and-abused Glock 18c? Sick of the gangster image that the MAC11 and the TEC9 give, but still want lots of firepower in an ultra-compact package? Apparently, Italy was, too, when the M93R was designed. Research determined that a pistol firing in full-auto was simply too difficult to control, so a three-round burst mechanism was added to the trusty M92 design, and the M93R was born. The strange-looking device at the front is supposed to be a handgrip. Its angle allowed the operator of the real thing keep the deadly little piece's muzzle right on-target through all three rounds. THe AirSoft version suffers from no issues with recoil, though the design offers a VERY good-looking tribute to a vicious piece of Italian police/counter-terrorism history, as well as a nasty little sidearm. KWC's quality included. The gun is well worth the exorbitant price, if you're looking for a unique gun with lots of go for all of the show.