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All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.

MadBull Gas Magazine Propane Adaptor

Mad Bull Gas Magazine Propane Adaptor XG02
MSRP: $29.99
CombatSportSupply: $24.95
You Save: $5.04 (17 %)
Manufacturer: MadBull
Manufacturer Part No: 17002B1
MadBull Gas Magazine Propane Adaptor

Scientific testing has proven that most brands of airsoft "green gas" are just propane dressed up with a fancy label! That means airsoft players have been paying at least $15US + S&H for a container of the same stuff that's available for $3 at your local hardware store or camping supply.

Since discovering that green gas is propane, thousands of airsofters world-wide have switched to cheap and readily-available domestic propane.

The Mad Bull Propane Adapter V2 made completely of metal and has a silicone oil port to make lubricating the gas easier. The metal construction is more durable than plastic because as the gas flows through the adapter it chills the adapter making it more susceptible to breaking off or cracking.

Please Note:
The nozzle of this adapter is not compatible with magazines with extra large base plates. It will not reach the fill nozzle on guns such as the WE Hi-Capa. Also, propane is heavier than air, do not use indoors. Propane is poisonous if large amounts are inhaled, and extremely flammable.

The MadBull Propane Adaptor is compatible with the most widely used disposable propane tanks, available in many countries. Please make sure appropriate tanks are available in your country before purchasing an adaptor.

  Requires no assembly!
  Completely re-useable
  Compatible with nearly every gas gun
  Reduce gas costs by up to 90%
Real instruction manual, no engrish!
Easy to inject silicone oil to your mags: See Silicone oil Below

WARNING: This product has been designed to be used EXCLUSIVELY with airsoft. Do not use this adaptor with anything but airsoft. Do not use this adaptor with any other gas (e.g. MAPP, propylene) but propane. Do not use propane/green gas in an airsoft gun that cannot handle the higher pressure. Do not use propane/green gas near an open flame, or other source of ignition. Do not inhale. Please.

Combat Sport Supply is not liable for any injuries or damage to property or person(s) incurred through the the use or misuse of its products. It's not hard to play safe, please do so.

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