Leaders in Tactical Gear, Firearms Accessories, and Airsoft Excellence

Combat Sport Supply is a company that specializes in tactical gear, firearms accessories, airsoft training, and survival supplies. With over a decade of experience in airsoft and two decades in paintball, the company is known for its outstanding customer service and high-quality products. The company’s growth strategy involves expanding their product range and promoting combat sports through organized events.

Premier Provider of Tactical Gear and Firearms Accessories

At the helm of Combat Sport Supply are Justin Brown, the president, and Butch Leeper, the warehouse manager. Brown has a profound history in paintball and is a well-known airsoft event organizer. Leeper, a US Army veteran, brings a diverse background in gaming, paintball, and modeling. Their collective expertise serves as the cornerstone for the company’s operations and future direction.

The Leader

Justin Brown


Awesome History

Justin and Tony Hawk
Matt Hofman walks & talks with Justin
“WeltMan” Takes it like a Man at Shatner Game
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Justin Brown, deeply rooted in the Paintball industry since childhood, played a significant role in constructing and operating Challenge Park Xtreme, the world’s first Extreme Sports Theme Park. After discovering Airsoft in 2002, despite conflicts with the park’s manufacturer, he founded a retail store specializing in Paintball and Airsoft supplies. Leveraging his event management skills, he established himself as the leading Airsoft event organizer in the Midwest and produced DVDs through his film company, Summit Lake Entertainment. Eventually, he sold his retail store stake to launch Combat Sport Supply.com, allowing him to focus on his passion for film production and event organizing within the Paintball and Airsoft industry.