American Star M4 AR15 Body Sticker

WWII American Star Small Sticker


American Star M4 AR Body Sticker

Show the world your Patriotism with the WWII American Star Sticker! Many uses, but we like to put them on the body of our M4 or AR rifles.
Also great for cars, skateboards, windows or whatever.

Heavy Duty Adhesive will not come off easily!

Decal Instructions:
1.Pull the Clear front cover part of the sticker apart from the white backing. The sticker will remain on the clear cover piece.
2. Put the sticker side on the area you want the sticker to remain.
3. Press FIRMLY on the clear front cover part of the sticker, all over the sticker area.
4. Grab a corner of the clear cover and peel it away from the sticker SLOWLY.
Once removed your sticker is ready to impress!

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