AMP Tactical High Torque Motor Long Type

AMP Tactical Hybrid High Speed / High Torque Motor Long Type


AMP Tactical Hybrid High Speed / High Torque Motor Long Type T5000

AMP High Torque Motor (Long) is a breakthrough product for the AEG airsoft gun industry. Promising faster rotations and greater torque in one package, this new motor will take your high powered Automatic Electric Gun to the next level!
In the past, super high speed and ultra high torque were complimentary features that you could not find in a single motor. You could either get a high speed motor, or a high torque motor. Recognizing a major need for a motor that could provide both, AMP embarked on a campaign that finally brings both these features in one Hybrid package. Employing a break-through design, the new motor, called the AMP High Torque Motor, will be equally at home in high-speed or high-torque setup, while beating the performance of all previous generation motors – even those specifically tuned for high-torque or high-speed applications.

Manufacturer: AMP
Design: M130 spring or greater (can more than handle less powerful springs as well)
Compatibility: M4/M16 Series, MP5 Series, G3 Series, P90

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