ASG Storm 360 Airsoft Grenade Reusable Impact BB Frag

ASG Storm 360 Airsoft Grenade Reusable Impact BB Frag Grenade Training Device. Powered by Green Gas. Throw 160 BBs in all directions!


ASG Storm 360 Airsoft Grenade Reusable Impact BB Frag Grenade Training Device

Ideal for Law Enforcement and Military Training budgets or for Airsoft or Paintball

Finally an airsoft grenade that’s actually effective.

Clear a room, disperse the opposing team and strike fear in the heart of you enemies.

The Storm 360 is a reusable grenade. That is easy to use and reliably fires up to 160 BBs when it impacts with walls or the ground. Its rotation effect disperses the BB in all directions up to 10m (32.8 feet) away. It is made mostly of nylon, making it robust and light. Its realistic size allows it to fit into a grenade pocket.

It can be reloaded quickly when using a speed loader, thanks to a conveniently placed fill valve.

Light weight and durable nylon and aluminum construction
High performance, reusable grenade with a 360 degree BB dispersal pattern with up to a 10m (32.8 feet) blast radius
Impact style detonation trigger
Easy to load and reset
Realistic size; fits in standard grenade pouches• Completely re-useable. Just reload bbs and gas!

• Blasts over 150 plastic 6mm pellets in a full 3D scatter. Not a shotgun blast or a disc distribution. A full spherical scatter!
• Tough design survives gazillions of throws! We don’t know how many blasts to failure, but we’ll keep counting.
• No loose parts to collect. Keep track of the pull pin though.
• Now available in Four colours: Tactical black, High Visibility Yellow, UN Blue, Flat Dark Earth
• Gas powered and fully reusable
• Easily disarmed for safe zone handling


BB Capacity: 160
Detonation Pattern: 360 Degrees up to 10m (32.8ft)
Grenade Type: Gas Powered
Material: Nylon, Aluminum

WARNING: This product shoots BBs with the use of pressurized gas.  Product should be used in an outdoor location. Use hearing protection during use. Not for indoor use. Do not hold once activated or bodily injury may result. Pull Pin and get away. Use may be restricted by local/state governments. Know the laws in your area before using the Thunder B noise grenade.

    Purchaser is responsible for complying with local laws pertaining to ownership, use and legality of product in their area or situation.

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