ASG Strike Systems Universal Holster

ASG Strike Systems Universal Holster. Fits any Pistol with a Rail, allows the use of Lasers, Flashlights, OPtics and more with just one Holster. Might Be the Last Holster You Buy.


ASG Strike Systems Universal Holster

The Strike Systems Universal Holster from ActionSportGames is the perfect belt mounted  solution for many ‘hard to holster’ handguns with optics rails or mounted accessories.

Many modern handguns with integral 20mm rails or adjustable stock/brace fittings can be difficult to carry in conventional holsters; The Strike Systems Universal Holster is able to accommodate over 100 models of handgun design and also allows for pistols with sliding or folding stocks like the B&T USW A1 to be carried.

This fully ambidextrous belt mounted holster is constructed from high quality glass reinforced polymer and works by fitting an attachment rail to your pistols own lower 20mm mounting.  Once the rail mounted element of the holster is fitted, (it can be fitted in seconds with a hex key) it simply slides into place and  clicks firmly into position on the belt mount.  Even with the retention clip mounted to the pistols own lower 20mm rail,   a light, laser or foregrip can still be fitted to the retention clips own 20mm rail.

The Strike Systems Universal Holster can be adjusted through 360 degrees on the swivel paddle and the amount of passive retention on the holster can also be adjusted to suit the shooters needs. Will work with optics, and still be able to mount Lasers or Flash Lights.

Fully ambidextrous with no modifications required
Universal 20mm pistol rail accessory mount fit
360 degree swivel paddle
Adjustable passive retention
Sturdy glass reinforced polymer construction

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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