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Get the groundbreaking DVD by Summit Lake Films, the sequel to the worldwide popular original CODENAME: Thunder DVD. Chock full of Airsoft action and Drama, we also learn more about the ruthless drug-lord Hector Chiro and his Cartel, the status of the Senators daughter held hostage by Chiro and his goons, and the mysterious CIA spook Agent Cash. As with the original, a few actors and actresses in main character roles will help players realize the possibilities of the plot and will help or hinder them along the way. Look at it as a “Reali-Drama” that centers on Airsoft and an exciting Airsoft event unlike any other in the world.

“Following the United States failed attempt at bringing Columbian Drug Lord Hector Chiro to justice, the U.S. Special Forces units involved were shifted to other theaters around the globe. Chiro, having successfully eluded the joint Drug Enforcement Agency and Military incursion into his Columbian stronghold, has only become more powerful and remains popular with the locals. His bravado, taunts of “Viva Columbia”, and excess have made news worldwide, embarrassing the world’s premier superpower.

Having squelched a few of the world hot-spots, the Pentagon is looking to return to Columbia…to eliminate their black eye…and successfully complete the goals of the original mission, CODENAME: Thunder. Local DEA agents have been busy gaining Intel on Chiro and his organization, looking for any weakness to exploit. The Pentagon has been organizing a joint Spec-Ops Task Force including Rangers, Special Forces, Marines, some SAS and Philipino Special Forces to bring Chiro and his army of mercs back to U.S. courts…or eliminate them if necessary”.

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