Dboys Airsoft Claymore Mine w/ Remote

200 BBs towards the Killzone!*Contact for Availability *


Dboys Airsoft Claymore Mine M18A1 with Wireless Remote

*Contact for Availability *

This Claymore Mine gives you the edge in more ways than one!!! Fires 200+ BBs downrange for maximum base defense, ambush or just plain booby traps!
Have it set off manually, or get the wireless remote (sold seperately) and time it just right to get the whole squad! Use it time and time again.

Entirely spring-powered, it uses a catapulting system to sling 100s of BBs in the direction of your choosing. Simply load it, dig in the metal legs, set up the tripwire or manual detonation wire and stand back. Well built and very durable, this will last your squad for a long time.
Even has classic “Front Toward Enemy” on the front for added realism.

We recommend using .12g BBs for maximum power!

Set, aim, FIRE!!!

INCLUDES Wireless Remote Detonator

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Weight 4 lbs
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