G&G GMG-42 / MG42 Machine Gun AEG Airsoft Replica w/ Real Wood

  1. G&G WW2 German MG42 Airsoft AEG Replica with Real Wood



G&G GMG-42 / MG42 Machine Gun AEG Airsoft Replica w/ Real Wood


Defend the Fatherland!
The German MG-42 general purpose machine gun, produced by Mauser Werke AG, was not only a highly effective tool of war but induced terror on the battlefield during WWII. With a rate of fire between 1200 and 1500 rounds per minute, the MG-42 was simply known as “Hitlers Buzzsaw” to American GIs. Tt was used in large numbers by the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units all throughout the second half of the second world war, from the D-Day landing, the Battle of the Bulge all the way to the final days of the Battle of Berlin. Battle tested its lineage lives on in most modern machines guns to this day. In fact its design was so good, that it was the basis used for the developement of the US M-60 light machine gun.

The G&G GMG-42 Airsoft light machine gun is the most realistic Airsoft replica MG-42 to date. The receiver, barrel shroud, barrel and external components are made entirely from stamped steel with a realistic, period correct parkerized style finish. The stock and grip panels are  real wood, also with a period correct stain. The GMG-42 fires from an electric winding 1700 round drum magazine ensuring that you have plenty of firepower at your disposal. The gearbox is a proprietary 10mm gearbox featuring 10mm oil-less bushings and a CNC machined aluminum shell. With its high power and high rate of fire the GMG-42 is likely to live up to its inspiration and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.
    Heavy-Duty stamped steel receiver
    Rugged steel barrel, barrel shroud, bipod, sights, and flash hider
    Authentic weather resistant parkerized finish
    High quality stained real wood stock & grip
    Adjustable rear sight
    Realistic field-break-down for quick barrel swap
    CNC machined aluminum custom gearbox w/ 10mm oil-less bushings
    Folding pintle mounted bipod
    Electric self winding drum magazine
    Realistic charging handle and trigger with push button safety
    Stamped G&G trademarks
    Heavy weight for added realism
    Battery fits into the stock
    Mock/Dummy belt of ammo included

Length: 1230mm
Weight: 10500g
Inner Barrel: ~490mm
Magazine Capacity: 1700rd Auto Wind Steel Box Magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Gearbox: Custom Full Metal 10mm
Motor: 25000rpm High Torque Long Axis
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety

Package Includes:

Drum Magazine, Li-Po Battery and charger for Drum Mag, 7.92 Cal. Bullet Chain 50PCs x 1, Jamming Rod, Mini Catalog
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Battery to OPerate the gun is NOT INCLUDED

Country of Origin:

Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Cleaning Rod, Manual

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 12 × 8 in
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