G&G GR14 M14 Full Metal Real Wood Walnut Stock AEG w ETU

G&G M-14 with Walnut Stock AEG GR14 with ETU Electric Trigger Unit.


G&G M14 GR14 with Walnut Stock AEG with ETU

G&G’s Full Metal M14 Ver. 4 is the greatest M14 on the market, not just the best M14 from G&G, it beats everything else out there. The Version 4 M14 from G&G is the more realistic, fully upgradeable, and the best performing and feeling M14 out of the box.

The trigger spring assembly has been redesigned for better trigger response
The sector gear is equipped with an 8mm ball bearing for maximum friction reduction
The tappet plate guide track has been extended to ensure proper feeding
The gearbox and the gears have be re-casted for extra strength with better metals.
The piston head has been upgraded for optimum compression, and a fuse was added for extra safety
It field strips just like the real one, likewise it has a functional bolt catch
The battery compartment is big enough to house a large 9.6v battery.

G&G has really outdone themselves this time, if your are a fan of the M14 and you want a good performing and reliable gun, this is it.


Manufacturer: G&G
Muzzle Velocity: 370-400 FPS
Magazine Capacity: High Cap-470 rounds

Upgraded piston head
8mm bearing on sector gear
Redesigned trigger spring
Longer tappet plate track
Re-casted gears
Full metal barrel assembly and receiver
Real walnut hardwood stock
Full metal, Tokyo Marui compatible gearbox (able to accept TM compatible upgrade parts & accessories)
Adjustable hopup
Adjustable rear sight
Version 2.0 ETU and MOSFET 3.0 protects trigger contacts and is programmable to 3 round burst
G&G ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit)

Country of Origin:

Package Includes: Gun, High Capacity Magazine, Cleaning Rod, Manual

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 in
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