G&P US Navy MK23A1 MK63A1 Tactical AEG Replica

MK23A1 Tactical Stoner LMG with Rails *Pre-order item. Ships MAY 2024*


G&P US Navy MK63A1 / MK23A1 Tactical Rail Version AEG Replica

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*Pre-order item. Ships MAY 2024*

The G&P Full Metal US Navy MK23A1 / MK63A1 MG Airsoft Electric Gun is an amazing replica of the MK23 that has been made popular by recent video games. G&P has been making extremely high quality products for quite some time and the MK23A1 is a great addition to their product line. The G&P US Navy MK63A1 MG features an extremely sturdy full metal construction and weighs in at around 11 pounds. A one piece fluted barrel lends itself to be both sturdy and lightweight to help keep the overall weight of the MK23 down. G&P is known for their extremely detailed externals that mirror the real steel and the MK23 holds up to that. The MK23 is perhaps one of the most ergonomic and easy to shoulder SAW type weapons on the market. The full stock of the MK23 is where the battery is held and allows the operator to easily wield the AEG.  To keep you in the fight under intense fire, a 1200Rnd auto winding box magazine is included with the MK23 and unlike other SAW weapons, attaches to the gun in a very sturdy manner.
G&P also produces some great internals and this AEG features a 8mm gearbox with extremely high quality steel gears that are shimmed to perfection and is battle ready right out of the box. The MK23 fires at around 16 rounds per second on a 9.6 volt battery with a velocity of 380 fps, making the MK23 perfect for most roles. If you are looking for a high quality Updated  Vietnam War era machine gun then look no further then the G&P Full Metal US Navy SEALS Stoner 63A1 Tactical LMG Airsoft Gun.

INcludes a Tri-Rail RAS around the front grip and sight rail on the top of the body

Specifications :

Manufacturer: G&P
Weight: 11 Lbs
Color: Black
Velocity: 360-390
Length: 36.6″
Magazine Capacity: 1200 Rounds
Built Material: Aluminum,PA,Steel & Die-Cast
Inner Barrel Length: 440mm
Gearbox: Version 2 with 8mm Bearing Full Assemble
Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed
Battery: Maximum can fit 10.8v 4400mAh Battery (Not Included) *Uses a DEANS Style Connection Battery
Do NOT use More than a 25c Output Battery



For the Airsofters / Collectors / Re-enactors / Living Historians that have been waiting for the MK23A1 for a long time at an affordable price G&P has the answer!

– MK63A1 Full Metal Full Auto AEG
– Automatic winding 1200rnd drum magazine
-Die-Cast made Body
-PA+GF: Handguard/Grip/Buttstock
-Aluminum made One Piece Outer Barrel
-Steel made Flashider
-Die-Cast made Rear Sight
-Complete Gearbox with Steel Gears & Spring Guide
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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 in
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