HFC 1896 Broom Handle Mauser Gas Airsoft Pistol

1896 Broom Handle Mauser Gas Pistol M712


1896 Broom Handle Mauser Gas Pistol

A very unique, historical model that should be added to any airsoft or collectors armory. A classic design dating back to 1896, this classic broomhandled pistol has graced the screen of many Hollywood films over the years and is possibly one of the most distinctive pistols ever produced.

While the C96 lacks the Modern Special Ops look, it makes up for it in classic rugged looks and raw power. The intimidation factor on this gun is immesurable! Drop the hammer on this hand held cannon and it will let loose a BB streaking down the barrel with a plume of gas vapor and a resounding boom.

*It is a non blow back so it only fires double or single action.
*Do not dry fire this gun without the magazine in it as it can damage the firing pin.
*Gun is all metal with imitation wood grips. Features functioning safety lever and click adjustable rear sight.
*While this gun is among the most powerful green gas powered airsoft pistols we carry we noticed it did not shoot all that far. The gun is effective to about 80-90 feet and then the BB will start to drop off. So if you are looking for a long range shooter you would be better off with a different gun. Although if you are looking into blasting some close range soda cans out of existence then look no further!!

Ideal for:
Re-Enactors or Living Historians
Firearm enthusiasts
WWII Airsofters

Product Code: HG-196
Mode: Semi Auto
Power Source HFC134, Green Gas, Propane
Weight: 2.75 lbs (1,150 g)
Length: 11 1/2inches (295.0mm)
Mag Capacity: 26 rounds
FPS: 360 w/ .20g
Comes with orange paint on tip
Made in Taiwan

Fires Semi-Auto…Defend the Fatherland today!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 in
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