MadBull Black Python 455mm (AK-47) Tightbore Barrel 6.03

MadBull 455mm (AK-47) 6.03 Tightbore Barrel


MadBull Black Python 455mm (AK-47) Tightbore Barrel

Black Python is MadBulls experimental product. By using a hard coating process, this barrel can provide the smoothest inner barrel surface and reinforced structure.

Works in most Marui compatible AK47, AK47S AEGs
Only works in AEGs. Will not work in spring guns.

Adding a tightbore barrel to your AEG is some of the best money you’ll spend in Airsoft. It will greatly improve your accurracy and hence increase your kill ratio on the field of battle.

It also usually adds about 10-20fps to your gun because there is less air escaping around the BB as with stock barrels. This will also add some distance and accurate range to your weapon.

Your choice of BB will be very important. You must use high quality BBs to ensure they are consistantly round, otherwise you will experience jamming. We recommend ToyTec, Excel, KSC and TSD BBs, along with other truly premium brands as your best bet.

No more cheap BBs, but who cares when you’re zinging guys out at crazy distances…

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Weight .8 lbs
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