MadBull Gemtech G5 Silencer Barrel Extension

Madbull Gemtech G5 Silencer QD / Barrel Extension


Madbull Gemtech G5 Silencer QD  / Barrel Extension

The MadBull Gemtech G5 QD Barrel Extension is another quality barrel extension from Madbull. They received the license from Gemtech of Boise, Idaho to replicate their famous G5 quick detach suppressor. This barrel extension replaces your standard birdcage flash hider with the quick detach one provided to enhance the look of your M4/M16. It only takes a a turn of your wrist for the Madbull Gemtech G5 to go on and come off.

Length: 180mm (7″)
External Diameter: 38mm (1.49″)
Thread Type: 14mm Counter-Clockwise (For the provided Flash Hider)
Thread Position: The edge of the flash hider
Recommended fit: M4, M16, SCAR
Colors Available: Black Tan OD

No screwing around with this bad boy. Looks great and can also hide an extended barrel for added acurracy.

*This is a non-functioning look-alike silencer. Does NOT silence your gun in ANY way.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 in
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