Mil-Spec Plus GI Style Poncho + Liner Combo

Mil-Spec Plus G.I. Style Poncho & Poncho Liner Combo


Mil-Spec Plus G.I. Style Poncho + Liner Combo

(1) G.I. STYLE PONCHOS: 100% waterproof ripstop nylon Mil-Spec ponchos. Use as a waterproof ground cloth, or as a two person shelter by simply snapping two ponchos together. The full cut (56” x 86”) covers both you and your pack. Brand New.

(1) G.I. STYLE PONCHO LINERS: Full size 58” x 86”. Outer shell 100% nylon. 100% polyester fill. First quality, Brand New.

Available in OD, Black, Navy Blue, Coyote Brown, Subdued Urban Digital Camo , ACU, Woodland and Marpat /Woodland Digital

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