Modify Airsoft Pure Silicone Oil

Modify Airsoft Pure Silicone Oil for Gas Blowbacks or other Airsoft Guns


Modify Airsoft Pure Silicone Oil

The Modify Airsoft lubricants are your ultimate answer for repair, maintenance, and custom work on your Airsoft equipment. Engineered to outperform, this unique formula was made for use with all types of metals, plastics, and rubbers. Designed to reduce friction, as well as wear and tear on moving parts, relubricate and improve longevity of o-rings Modify Airsoft silicone oil will help with improving performance of your equipment.

Excellent lubricating properties for moving parts.
Non-toxic, low surface tension.
Stability of pure silicone increases work efficiency and performance.
Airsoft Gun Silicone Oil has low viscosity: 50 cps.

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Weight .2 lbs


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