MRE Deluxe Complete

MRE Case Deluxe with Heaters. *Does not Qualify for Free Shipping Promotion*


M.R.E. Deluxe Complete Case of 12 each

*Does Not Qualify for the FREE Shipping Discount Promotion*



MRE’s are the ultimate in convenience and nutrition. Why not benefit from the government’s extensive research, which has provided the best tasting, easy to prepare meals for our troops in the field. This Full  MRE meal is the end result of many years of nutritional research and development aimed at providing healthful meals the troops would enjoy. Days of “C” rations are gone forever, today’s military eats only the best tasting nutritional foods. Our factory is dedicated to providing foods that exceed the governments strict standards. They utilize only the highest quality ingredients (the most expensive cuts of white meat chicken, leanest beef, expensive pastas, and the freshest fruits and vegetables. Most of us don’t eat this well in our own homes. A government inspector is on sight to oversee the production of all military meals. Quality control is the highest priority! Never too salty or spicy –  you add your own salt or pepper to taste.

Each Full Case contains:

    • A variety of different entrées (usually 3-4 of each entree)
    • Assorted side dishes
    • Assorted desserts and snacks
    • Beverage powder
    • Condiments
    • Utensils

Each MRE Includes:

  • 1 8oz entree- Assorted Flavors per case
  • 1 5oz Side Dish -asst Flavors per case
  • 1 Desert or Cookie Pack
  • 2 Rye Krisp Cracker Packs (4 crackers)
  • 1 Jelly Spread
  • 1 MRE Heater
  • 1 Deluxe Accessory Pack with Spoon, Drink, Sugar, Salt and Pepper and Hand Wipe

 This creates the most convenient disaster food available.  Everything needed to Prepare and Enjoy the MRE’s is included.   Also excellent for everyday use on all  your outdoor excursions. Keep a couple under the seat or in the trunk of your vehicle and some at work. Do not confuse Major’s MREs with gun show, off-the-street MREs. Those are illegal to sell or own. 


ALL COMPONENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. We try our hardest to provide the highest quality product at the lowest price, but due to the nature of the surplus business, some items may be substituted without notice. We reserve the right to substitute any item we feel fit. Pricing is also subject to change without notice. We apologize for any convenience this may cause.

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