ReMag Remote Magwell System Basic Set Up for GBB

ReMag Setup Basic ReMag Magwell System with the Magwell and Feed Line. Use M4 Hicaps, Midcaps or Drums to feed your Gas Blowback Pistol Continuously. HPA Tank, Regulator and Hose not included.


ReMag Remote Magwell System Basic Set Up for GBBs

The ReMag Remote Magwell System allows any HPA Ready Gas Pistol or Rifle to be Fed from a Standard Airsoft M4 MidCap, Hicap or Drum / Box Magazine WithOut putting the bulk on the Gun Itself. The Feed Line Extends off an Adapter next to the Already Present Gas LIne and Connects into the Magwell on the Users Belt, Vest or Wherever. Aesthetically Discrete, it Also makes it Easy and Cost Effective to Set Up Multiple Guns for HPA!

Other GBB HPA Magazine Feeding systems are bulky, heavy on the gun, and you have to undo the HPA line from each magazine and reconnect as you change every magazine. The ReMag system eliminates changing Magazines on your pistol or rifle altogether. All you need to do is change your M4 magazine in the adapter if or when it runs out!

Tension in the Feed Line comes from a Bowden Spring. Meaning even weak or slow feeding magazines can be used reliably. A short stretch or pull of the feed line lets the magazine laod BBs into the system while adding the feed pressure needed to move BBs from the magazine adapter on your belt or vest!

  • 100% designed and Manufactured in the USA

Package Includes:
Magwell Adapter, 1 Short And  1Long Feed Long,  1Feed Line Extender,  6 Feed Line Clips

**HPA Tank, Regulator and Hose not included**
**PreFab Magazines Required to Use the ReMag System
Available in the Drop Down or on this Website**

*This Product may be excluded from some coupon code or other promotions due to manufacturer MSRP policy*


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