Revision Anti Fog Reuseable Cloth

Revision Antifog


Revision Anti-Fog Reuseable Cloth3 Pack

What the Professionals Use

The Revision Reusable Anti-Fog Cloths are engineered for long lasting perspiration protection. Each cloth is individually packaged and saturated with the latest in anti-fog technology. Each cloth is disposable but they can be used multiple times, Revision gives you a small baggie to store each cloth after the first use so you can use them again and again. Down time spent on the field clearing your goggles is dangerous and can hinder your progress in the game, be Revision Ready with their new Anti-fog reusable cloths.

Uses advanced nanotechnology for superior fog-defense, providing unobscured vision in the most extreme conditions

Carton contains 3 reusable anti-fog cloths in foil packettes. Good for up to 25 applications.

Individually packaged
Reusable wipes
Prevents goggle fog
Long lasting fog protection

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