Rothco Sniper Veil

Rothco Sniper Veils


Rothco Sniper Veil

Ideal for law enforcement and special ops groups. Built for long lasting, rugged performance.

Lightweight, sniper veil made from washable cotton material. Measures 46″ x 36″. Brand New. Weighs .14 lbs.
Rothco’s Sniper Veil provides the perfect concealment for a sniper and their weapon. The veil measures 36″ x 46″ with a cinch cord running all 4 sides and cord loop at each corner that would allow you to utilize the veil as a gear hammock to keep objects off the ground or secure the veil to the body or gear. In addition to the veil concealing a weapon, it can be worn as a shemagh or scarf to protect the body from the elements.

Available in 5 colors: Black, OD, Coyote, Woodland Camo, Multicam,

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Weight 2 lbs
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