TAGINN M203 Rifled Shell Launching Device Shell Pro EVO

TAGINN M203 Rifled Shell Launching Device Shell Pro EVO CO2 Version. Used to fire Taginn and Compatible Airsoft Grenade Rounds. Rounds Sold Seperately.


TAGINN M203 Rifled Shell Launching Device Shell Pro EVO

The TAGINN 203 shell launching device is a product that is unparalleled on the market today. This 203 shell is designed specifically for the TAGINN projectile rounds. Where this shell sets it self apart from other shells on the market is its rifled design, allowing it to give the round a spin akin to a bullet fired from a rifle. This spin stabilizes the round and allows greater accuracy as well as range over a standard airsoft 203 round. The rifling also gives the round a similar ballistic trajectory of a real 203 round, of course without the damage caused. The rifled barrel of this device is removable allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. This shell is best used with CO2 and functions similar to a standard “shower” style grenade shell.  

Fake Dummy 40mm Grenades Shells, perfect for your loadout, reenacting, props or the man cave!

Rifled design for increased range and accuracy
Designed for use with CO2
Compatible with nearly all 203 grenade launchers
Specifically designed for TAGinn projectile rounds
Polymer barrel and metal base design

Compatibility: Compatible TAGINN projectile rounds
Material: Polymer / Metal
Launcher Compatibility: For Most Standard 40mm Airsoft grenade launchers
Gas Type:  CO2
Material: CNC Aluminum
Package includes: 1 Shell
(Rounds / Tips and CO2 Adapter Sold Seperatley)

*Cannot be fired or made to fire in a Real GL

NOTE: This is a  toy. Not an explosive grenade. Everyone should wear goggles in the field and please don’t aim at people. Please read the users manual in the box before use.

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