UTG See Through Riser w/ Tri-Rail Mounts

UTG Full Size Tri-rail Riser Mount, 1″ High

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UTG Full Size Tri-rail Riser Mount, 1″ High
(MNT-995TR) (U.S. Patent D150.120)

Add this baby to weapon and get a faster sight picture wearing goggles or facemasks. Allows for additional versatility to your weapon with the Tri-Rail configuration so you can add Flashlights, tac-lasers and more. Also has see-thru capability incase your batteries go down on your red dot, or you just feel like using the iron sights. Hooah!

Creative Mounting Base and Locking Plate to Fit on any Picatinny and Weaver Rail

Clever Picatinny Tri-Rails for Flashlight, Laser and Additional Accessory Applications

Additional STANAG Dimension for Most Versatile Applications

Ideal Height, Length and Spacing to Accommodate Most Versatile Applications

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