Vietnam NVA VietCong Bamboo Camo Ring

Vietnam NVA VietCong Bamboo Camo Ring

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Vietnam NVA Viet-Cong PAVN Bamboo Camoflauge Ring

Masters of camouflage, NVA and Viet Cong fighters often employed this ingenious camo support system made of simple bamboo rings and cloth ties.The outer ring measures about 12″ in diameter and the inner about 6″. A sturdy bamboo cross bar stabilizes the frame.The secret of the rig is that each of the rings is actually a set of two rings bound together. Twigs and foliage are pulled through the spaces in between and can be affixed at any angle (the design allows 360 degrees to work with) This negates the need for tying or otherwise securing the foliage as the double ring system tightly secures the camouflage. The camo-ring attaches to web gear by means of cloth ties on either side.

This is an accurate reproduction made in Vietnam to museum specs.
Even the cloth ties are of original VN war U.S. parachute material.

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