Vietnam NVA VietCong Rucksack Canvas Backpack

Vietnam NVA VietCong Rucksack Backpack. Olive Green Canvas. Main compartment with drawstring and 3 external Pockets. Made in Vietnam.

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Vietnam NVA VietCong Rucksack Backpack

Supplied by the Chinese to the NVA from the late 1950’s onwards, the 3-pocket rucksack became the standard-issue load carrying pack for the North Vietnamese soldier throughout the Vietnam War.

Featuring a large main internal compartment with draw string closure, 1 large rear external pocket, 2 smaller side pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps, the Vietnamese-made copy of this design remains in use with the PAVN today.

This is an early-pattern (c 1960s) rucksack, manufactured in durable olive green canvas with cotton/nylon fastening straps and aluminium/steel buckle fastenings on the top flap and large rear external pocket. In worn & faded condition.

Looks great in any VC or NVA display and for reenactors or Namsofters.
Makes a historically accurate and functional addition to your outfit.

Made in Vietnam

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