WWII US M1 Garand Cartridge Belt Reproduction

US Repro WWII M1923 Garand Belt New Reproduction. Available in Lt OD, Dark OD or Khaki. Fits up to 49″ Waist.


WWII US Repro WW2 M1923 Garand Belt New Reproduction

US M1 Garand Cartridge Belt WWII is an exact reproduction M1 Garand cartridge belt that was slightly modified from WWI era Springfield cartridge belt. This belt is OD colored and is made from heavy duty cotton canvas with ten 3-3/4 Inches x 2-1/4 Inches pouches, each with a single snap flap. Has a metal front fastener and is fully adjustable. Each pouch holds an 8 round Garand clip or two 5 round stripper clips. Our M1 Garand cartridge belt still works great for Springfield and similar rifles. Can be used with our M36 or M44 Combat Field Suspenders.

Reproduction of the M1923 Cartridge Belt which was the standard issue combat belt for soldiers and Marines equipped with M-1 Garand or Springfield rifles during WWII. These are made from 100% cotton webbing, each pocket closes with a press fastener and comes complete with the internal straps to hold stripper clips.


Marked JT&L® 1944

The belt will carry with the Enbloc clips for the M1 Garand or the Stripper Clips for the 1903 Springfield

Picture above is the Khaki, LT OD and Dark OD next to each other so you can judge the color for yourself

Expertly Handcrafted Replica

Quantity Discounts Available

Perfect for Reenactors, Stage Productions, Film Productions, Airsoft & Paintball games, Museums, Man Caves and more!

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