ASG Ultrair 12 Gram CO2 Lubrication Cartridge 5pk

ASG Ultrair 12 Gram CO2 Lubrication Cartridge 5 pack


ASG Ultrair 12 Gram CO2 Lubrication Cartridge Kit 5pk


Make cleaning and maintaining your CO2 gun a breeze. The new lubrication cartridges from ASG can be used in all CO2 powered Airguns and Airsoft guns that are using a 12 g CO2 cartridge. In addition to the CO2 gas, the cartridges are also filled with 0.8 g of silicon oil that cleans and lubricates the magazine and blow back units seals while shooting,

Some added benefits of the lubrication cartridges are an improved performance. When in use they offer a slight increase in muzzle velocity, but more importantly a more consistent muzzle velocity, resulting in improved accuracy.

The enhanced performance is also evident when used in colder weather, where they continue to deliver a consistent reliable performance, even under conditions when regular cartridges causes the gun to freeze up.

It is recommended to use a lubrication cartridges every tenth time you replace the CO2 cartridge, for cleaning and maintenance. But the cartridges can be used all the time should the need arise.


CO2 cartridges with silicone lubrication
1x cartridge contains 0.80 grams of silicone oil
Lubricates your CO2-powered guns and helps maintain the seals
Insert and use like any standard CO2 cartridge
Easy to use as part of your Airgun/Airsoft gun maintenance routine
Recommended every 10th conventional CO2 cartridge

Compatibility: Any Airgun or Airsoft gun that utilizes 12g CO2 cartridges
Material: CO2/Silicon Oil



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Weight .4 lbs


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