Bravo Airsoft Helmet Strobe Kit Black/Green

Bravo Airsoft Helmet Strobe Kit Black/Green


Bravo Airsoft Helmet Strobe Kit Black/Green

Strobes lights are an integral part of any United States Military unit. These lights are useful in identifying a friend or foe in low light operations. Modern Military units also use their strobe lights as distress beacons for overhead flyers and combat rescue.

Take your MILSIM experience to the next level with thisTactical Helmet Mounted Strobe Light. This product is a great replica of the SS Manta Strobe Light, which has been designed with a curve to properly fit most modern combat helmets. Most functions are easy reached by a single hand and the buttons are ergonomically designed do the operator is capable of using it while mounted on top of his head. The contoured designed of the strobe also prevents snagging, and is also gives the user a very streamlined look. This item requires a CR123A battery to operate, and is capable of both strobe light mode and Infra Red mode. This item will also come with a velcro panel for easy attachment to helmets are all kinds.

Manufacturer: Bravo Airsoft
Model: Helmet-Mounted Strobe Light
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Strobe Light: Green
Package Includes: One (1) Strobe Light, One (1) Velcro Panel

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