Thunder B Flashbang Simulator Grenade Replacement Core

Flash Bang Training Device Replacement Core


Thunder B Flashbang Simulator Grenade Replacement Core

Ideal for Law Enforcement and Military Training budgets or for Airsoft of Paintball

Hakkotsu Thunder B CO2 Sound grenade core kit

Replacement Grenade Head, C02 Cylinder, and Pins for the Hakkotsu C02 Flash Bang sound effect grenade. Fits all Thunder-B shell types (Shells not included).

Kit includes: 1 x Grenade Head, 1 x C02 Cylinder, 2 x pins, 1 x O-ring, & manual (refill shells sold seperately)

WARNING: This product produces loud noises with the use of pressurized gas. It can cause hearing damage or loss. Product should be used in an outdoor location. Use hearing protection during use. Not for indoor use. Do not hold once activated or bodily injury may result. Pull Pin and get away. Use may be restricted by local/state governments. Know the laws in your area before using the Thunder B noise grenade.

    Purchaser is responsible for complying with local laws pertaining to ownership, use and legality in their area or situation.

    No WARRANTY is Given for this product due to the Nature of this Product

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