King Arms M79 Airsoft Sawed Off SOG Style BB Grenade Launcher Real Wood

King Arms Airsoft Sawed Off SOG Style M79 BB Grenade Launcher Real Wood.


King Arms Airsoft Sawed Off SOG Style M79 BB Grenade Launcher  Real Wood

After the end of the Korean War, the US military developed the M79 Grenade Launcher. It was a lightweight portable weapon that discharged grenades accurately from a safe distance. After many trials and errors, the Grenade Launcher became a standard issued weapon at the end of 1960 and was nick named “The Thumper”. The weapon had a simple design and having only 5 parts. It was a powerful weapon and was dubbed “the platoon leader’s artillery” with an accuracy rate of about 150 yards. The 40 x 46mm grenades of the M79 was developed exclusively for the shoulder fired weapon and is discharged by low pressure gas. The M79 also uses an aluminum alloy barrel to lighten its weight.

SOG “Sawed off” Version:
During the Vietnam War US LRRPs, SEALS, Special Forces Rangers and other needed the fire power of the M79, but needed it smaller to travel lighter. Many resorted to chopping down the barrel and stock to accomplish this, making an effective small handheld artillery piece that was great for ambushes, mad minutes and other applications.

King Arms M-79 Version:
This M79 grenade launcher is a full metal launcher with a real wood stock, which a rubber pad affixed to the shoulder stock to make it more supportive and comfortable when aiming. The trigger guard can be rotate either to the left or right side by pushing the detent on the front of the trigger guard. The M79 is designed to work with all types of Airsoft gas grenade shell firing from 6mm bb, .43 caliber paintball and .68 caliber paintball to Nerf Vortex Rockets.

Aluminum Alloy Barrel.
Real Wood Handguard and Stock.
Rear QD Sling Swivel.
1:1 Scale & Highest Quality M79 Launcher in the market today.
Rotating Trigger Guard.

Caliber: Airsoft 40mm shells for grenade launchers. All grenade shells we carry are standard 40mm Airsoft M203 shells that works for this M79!)
Main Material Aluminum, Real Wood
Operation Method: Single Shot / Break Open.
Capacity – 1 Compatible 40mm Gas Grenade BBs Shell *Not Included
Length 350mm
Height 130 mm
Manufacture: King Arms / Hong Kong.
Packing Including – Grenade Launcher and Manual

Please Note:
Gas sold separately
This is a Toy and cannot fire or be modified to fire real ammo. Follow all local and federal laws.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 in
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