M18A1 Airsoft Claymore Mine w/ Remote Clacker and Trip Wire

M18A1 Airsoft Claymore Mine w/ Remote Clacker and Trip Wire. 200 BBs towards the Killzone!


M18A1 Airsoft Claymore Mine w/ Remote Clacker and Trip Wire
This Claymore Mine gives you the edge in more ways than one!!! Fires 200+ BBs downrange for maximum base defense, ambush or just plain booby traps!

Use it time and time again.

Entirely spring-powered, it uses a catapulting system to sling 100s of BBs in the direction of your choosing. Simply load it, dig in the metal legs, set up the tripwire or use the wireless clacker and stand back. Well built and very durable, this will last your squad for a long time.
Even has classic “Front Toward Enemy” on the front for added realism.

Lightweight and durable injection molded polymer housing accurately replicates the look and feel of the popular AP mine
Spring loaded design requires no propellant. BBs are launched forward when the front portion of the mine is released
Can be activated either with the included remote control or with a trip wire, providing tactical flexibility for most scenarios
Integrated folding stand makes placement easy and ensures that your Claymore won’t tip over even in the most unstable of conditions
Accurate 1:1 scale replica fits in all surplus M7 Claymore bandoleers
Double locking safety prevents accidental discharges
Wire spool included
Front sliding flap allows easy reloading of mine once the mine closed and locked

Since the early 1960s the M18 family of Claymore anti-personnel mines has been a steadfast tool in the arsenal of American freedom. Housed in a lightweight plastic shell, the M18 claymore contains roughly 700 1/8″ steel balls over a layer of C-4 explosive. When detonated, the M18 transforms its matrix of steel ball bearings into a shrieking wall of of steel fragments that will ravage any soul unfortunate to step in front of it. Its compact size, light weight and deadly efficiency have made it a favorite of SOF operators in all branches.

The Matrix M18A1 Airsoft claymore is a realistic analog of the famed anti-personnel mine and is ideal for the airsoft field. Designed to look and feel identical to the real thing, the Matrix M18A1 is a reusable remote controlled or trip wire activated “mine”. When triggered, the M18A1 springs open, dispersing its payload of plastic death, eliminating whatever mil-sim enemy may have been unfortunate enough to have triggered it.


Dimensions: 8.5″ x 1.5″ x 4.9″
Material: Injection Molded Polymer, Steel
Package Includes: Mine, Remote Detonator, Wire Spool

We recommend using .12g BBs for maximum distance!

Set, aim, FIRE!!!

INCLUDES Wireless Remote Clacker

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Weight 3 lbs
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