KWA LM4 PTR 40 Round Metal Gas Magazine GBBR

KWA Spare Magazine for KWA LM4 M4 Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Series Rifles


KWA LM4 PTR 40 Round Gas Magazine GBBR

One key component to making the gun operate smooth and professionally is the magazine. The magazine contains the gas to operate the gun and 40 rounds of ammunition. KWA have taken their years of expertly making gas pistols, and magazines, to engineer the LM4 PTR magazine to be as powerful, efficient, and user friendly as possible. One example, the top of the LM4 PTR Magazine is made of high impact polymers where the rest of the magazine is made of metal. This was done for two reasons; One, the top of the magazine is much more resilient if dropped, also the magazine top and feeding lip can be replaced or rebuilt if needed.

Manufacturer: KWA
Magazine Capacity: 40 rounds

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 0.0 × 0.0 × 0.0 in
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