MilSpec Dummy M67 Baseball Grenade Replica

M67 Baseball Style Hand Grenade Replica Dummy


MilSpec Dummy M67 Baseball Grenade Replica

Perfect Training tool for Law Enforcement or Film Propmasters

The M67 grenade is a fragmentation hand grenade used by the United States military fielded since the late 1960s. Most of the grenades used in Vietnam were of the M26/61 variety prior to 1968. After 1969 the M67 was the most issued grenade in the field. This replica weapon can be seen in many action movies.

Make your uniform look authentic with these dummy baseball style grenade replicas!
Introducing the Milspec Baseball Grenade Replicat. Make your uniform look authentic with the mock baseball grenade!  This fantastic mock grenade looks and feels just like an actual grenade. With a metal construction this mock grenade is the perfect accessory on the battle field as it will intimidate your opponents.

The perfect accessory for any soldier or anyone looking to get that realistic look, the Dummy Baseball Grenade Replica is perfect for you!

Great for reenactors, living history impressions, museum displays, Halloween costums, Cospaly,movie props or other applications!

*Inert. Cannot be made into a pyrotechnic or explosive device

Actual Product may vary slightly

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