Vietnam Montagnard Bracelet Authentic

Vietnam MONTAGNARD Kong Bracelet. Made in Vietnam by Montagnards.

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Vietnam MONTAGNARD Kong Bracelet Authentic

From Dac Lac province of the Central Highlands comes this handsome brass bracelet handcrafted in the etched style most vets remember.

Made in Vietnam by Montagnards
Authentic Bracelet, not a copy like many on the market

3″ diameter and Brassos to a shiny gold finish.
Limited Supply

These Montagnard Bracelets come from the Central Highlands of Vietnam where they are handcrafted by skilled
tribal craftsmen. Crafted in the old ways of sanding stone, file and etching blade. Admired for their beauty and
workmanship, these unique circlets or kong are more than simple trinkets. Every marking represents some aspect
of tribal identity, life, death or spirituality. The gift of one of these kong is considered a great honor and bestows
upon the recipient a lifelong commitment of friendship from the giver. This ritual has been an important part of
Motagnard culture for centuries and continues to this day in Vietnam.
Never use harsh abrasive cleaners, solvents or sand paper to clean your Kong. This will erode the detail work on
your kong. Use a clean cloth and any brass polish such as “brasso”. Using this method will give the kong a gold
like shine that will last for several days. When putting on the kong spread the kong as little as possible, they are
made from brass and will last a life time with care.

Bamboo plays a huge role in the day to day life of the Montagnard people. This fact is reflected in their art and jewelry.The bamboo effect in this brass bracelet is created with file an sanding stone. From the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

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