WWII GI Style Aluminum Canteen and Cup

WWII GI Style Aluminum Canteen and Cup


WWII Style GI Metal Canteen and Aluminum Cup 

This canteen set is ideal for any outdoor camping or survival situation.

  • Built for long lasting, rugged performance


WWII G.I. Style Canteen is made of durable aluminum, can hold up to one quart of water, and has a screw-on cap that is attached to the canteen with a safety chain.

  • G.I. Style Canteen Has A Durable 100% Aluminum Body
  • Holds Up To One Quart Of Water
  • Safety Chain Attached To Screw-On Cap


With a sturdy folding handle and a capacity of 18oz., the Aluminum Canteen Cup is a great addition to any outdoor, bug-out, or prepper kit.

  • Aluminum Canteen Cup Has A Capacity Of 18oz.
  • Military Canteen Cup Fits Under Rothco’s G.I. Style Aluminum Canteen (Item #414)
  • Canteen Container Features A Sturdy Folding Handle
  • Perfect For Camping And The Outdoors

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