Russian RG-42 Dummy Airsoft Grenade Replica

Russian RG-42 Dummy Airsoft Grenade Replica Dummy Inert


Russian RG-42 Dummy Airsoft Grenade Replica

Perfect for Reenactors or WWII, Korea and Vietnam Airsoft Events

Originally introduced during World War II from 1942 onwards as a cheap mass produced grenade. It continued in use with the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies in the post-war period until the 1950s, but saw widespread use in the Korean War, Vietnam. Stockpiles were held for emergency or reserve issue, military aid, or foreign sales.

The RG-42’s components were simple to produce and assemble. Only the fuze required specialized manufacture and the parts could be easily assembled by hand by cottage labor. Partisans often made copies of the simple design when out of contact.

Used by:
Soviet Union
People’s Republic of China
North Korea

Wars Used:
World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War

Make your uniform look authentic with these dummy Russian RG-42 Dummy Airsoft Grenade Replica!
  This fantastic mock grenade looks and feels just like an actual grenade. With a metal construction this mock grenade is the perfect accessory on the battle field as it will intimidate your opponents.

The perfect accessory for any soldier or anyone looking to get that realistic look, the Russian RG-42 Dummy Airsoft Grenade Replica is perfect for you!

Great for reenactors, living history impressions, museum displays, Halloween costums, Cospaly or other applications!

*Inert. Cannot be made into a pyrotechnic or explosive device

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